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Thursday, 7-Feb-2008 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Welcome to the world Leah Ann Shaw!

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WELCOME TO THE FAMILY PRECIOUS ONE! There will be lots more pics to come of this little one! Congratulations Corissa and Jeremy!

Tuesday, 25-Dec-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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This Christmas my dad surprised us with a ten day visit over the holidays. We haven't seen him in almost four years! We had a great time together. Unfortunately, Peter couldn't make it, so we were one family member short. We called him on Christmas though, and we were all together in spirit. It was neat to hang out with both of my parents together again. They got to spend Christmas with all of their grandchildren. No drama... it was really nice. Mitch, the boys and I packed up and spent Christmas eve and most of Christmas day at Robin's house. There's no way the boys were good enough for all of those presents in the photos... they're not that spoiled and I'm not that rich! We were so busy with my dad and holiday shopping, that we didn't have time to wrap most of the presents until Christmas eve! It took us six hours to wrap gifts that night! It was so worth it! It was nice to have little ones around again, and enjoy the magic of Santa. It's been years since the boys believed. They did a great job playing along with their cousins. We even got to enjoy a white Christmas! It was a nice ending to a great holiday with my family! Enjoy the pics!

Saturday, 9-Dec-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Peter visits from Turkey!

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Peter flew home for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was nice to see my big bro. The kids always get a kick out of Pete. This year has been very rocky for everyone in the family, so we took it easy this holiday. We had a night out on the town, and Jim threw a big party. But, no huge family gatherings or even karaoke fun. Due to family disasters and stressors this past year, you won't see pictures of our entire family together anymore. Our close-knit, happy family has been put through the ringer, and things will never be the same. Another reason why I haven't kept up on my fotopages. I wish I could get it all out, but it's too fresh and very personal. Poor Peter came home to a bunch of bullshit. I wouldn't be surprised if he never comes back. But, he spent alot of time with his nieces and nephews, and we saw more of him than usual. He spent time with everyone... just seperately. This has been a very sad time, and I hope Peter comes back home again soon.

Anyhow... here's some pictures we took while Pete was back home for a minute. It was fun while it lasted.



Tuesday, 31-Oct-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
More than a year later...

D'Andre & Alexis... vampires!
Joseph.... BATMAN!
Poor Micah... he just didn't get it!
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I didn't get lazy over the past year... I just got very busy!

Alot has changed since 2005. Too much to get into right now. The biggest changes made were: finally landing the medical records position I was hoping for, moving to a 3 bedroom apartment, getting a new Suburu Outback, and raising a teenager. It's been lovely. I'll save the details for another entry.

My main reason for this entry was HALLOWEEN 2006! I took the cutest pictures, and I had to share them! D'Andre and I headed out to Sandy to go trick-or-treating with the cousins. Mitch stayed home and relaxed while Joshua stayed close to home and "kicked it" with his friends. You won't believe how big these kids have gotten since my last entry. These kids are so darned cute!



Sunday, 21-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
~I Have No Camera~

Robin & Lyla
Denise & Dee Dee
Robin, Jo, Mitch, Tod, & Chris
It's been three weeks since Corissa and Jeremy's wedding, and there's still no finding my camera. I know it wasn't left at the coast because I didn't even use it! As we were packing for the trip to the coast, I realized I forgot my memory card. I was pissed because I couldn't run back home to get it. I remember leaving it on Papa's work bench...but, it's not there! So, here I

I wish I could get even a used digital camera, but with school coming up and having to move soon...there's just no way. I may have to wait until tax return time. Shit!! So, there won't be as many entries for the next few months. I can still post pics from my mom's camera, so it's not all bad. What a crock!

Well, here's the pictures from my mom's camera of the Shaw wedding. They turned out really nice. Talk Laterz! ~JO~

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